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Visit exotic places that you can easily afford. Bay of Kotor, Montenegro; Petra, Jordan; Gozo, Malta; The Great Blue Hole, Belice, and many locations available as package deals.

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We offer the best prices on travel locations so grab your bags and come straight to our offices to book your next traveling ticket.

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Pick your favorite off the beaten track location and spend your time in it with your family or alone.

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Make the most of your vacation and pick the right county to visit.


The positive energy and welcoming locals will most likely lift your spirit, and its Mediterranean climate will make your time spent there memorable. This country has a lot to offer, and if you are a fan of diving, you will find the underwater flora and fauna as well as wildlife intact of human’s touch. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags, and book your ticket to visit this astounding exotic place.


A chain of 115 islands spread across 175 square miles of the Indian Ocean will surely summon your explorer, inner child. This beautiful place is rich with marine wildlife, and the locals will make you feel like you’ve always belonged here. Cruises are included in our deals, so you will be able to make the most of your trip by attending these and similar events. Spending your vacation in this oasis will surely recharge your batteries and lift your spirit.


With just a couple of miles north of Venezuela, Aruba is the perfect place to spend your vacation in. It welcomes all and everyone that want to experience life changing events by spending time in it and mending with the locals. Luxurious hotels will satisfy even the most demanding customers and their needs. Casinos, Spa resorts and every other form of entertainment are available so make sure that you bring your friends and family to share this memorable experience.


The celebration of this country’s 50th anniversary of independence will surely bring exciting and colorful festivals with it. Events for all types of people will surely keep you occupied and entertained for the time being. So be sure to bring your positive attitude and a big smile to make this event even greater. November is the best time to spend your vacation here, so make haste and book your ticket today.

Been Here Before? We Have!

We know how important the location is so we make sure that we recommend a country that suits your needs. If you want to relax and spend time with your family- we’ll find the best spot. If you want to explore the landscape with your friends- we got you covered there as well.




“I never wanted to travel before but once I was persuaded by my wife to go and spend quality time in an exotic country. After contacting this agency, we found the best deal even thought it was impossible to afford a vacation this year. I would recommend their traveling services to everyone whether you’re a fan of traveling or not.”

Seth, Castles Home Service – Natural Stone Restoration




“I used to live on Maui, but after this trip, I’ve decided to visit Costa Rica every other year. And I have this awesome travel agency to thank for the suggestions! I always recommended it to my friends and family and will continue to recommend their services to every adventurous traveler that I meet.”

B. @ Harlow Beauty – Eyebrow Microblading, Mesa, AZ


“You simply don’t know if you can or cannot afford a vacation until you grab your loved ones by the hand and talk to this agency. This year way my first vacation in last ten years, and I will gladly spend a portion of my saving on any package they have to offer, as most of them are surprisingly affordable.”

Dick James, Chelsea

We Know Travel

Being that we know everything that a travel agency needs to know about travel business, we are positive that our advice will be to your satisfaction. Every client matters so we make sure that we understand their wishes and their idea of an oasis.


Tamarindo Beach, Costa Rica

Tamarindo Package Deal

One of the most bio-diverse countries in the world, Costa Rica delivers on that “Pura Vida” lifestyle. Tamarindo Beach is perfectly located at the center of several epic surf spots with plenty to do and see for everyone! We have had a lot of people visiting the beautiful Tamarindo, Guanacaste area and having the times of their lives. Whether you’re looking to visit for a short stay and take advantage of a beach-front best massage in Tamarindo, or are looking to retire in this beautiful country, we can help you find exactly what you’re looking for and put together your perfect package. If you’re looking for an airport shuttle between Tamarindo and Liberia, we can help you find the most economical and safe, air-conditioned transportation with free on-board WIFI.

Aruba Harmony Hostel

If you want to visit Aruba, the first place you want to go to is probably Palm Beach. And this hostel is only a 5-minute drive away from it. Regarding the accommodation itself, we guarantee satisfaction for the most affordable price. Each room has air-conditioning, TV, and all other essential home appliances.


A Wild Experience

Every trip that you make, whether it’s you to your neighbor country or a distant one should be a wild experience. And we make sure that it is. With our deals, you will surely remember every moment and day of your vacation and have than a dozen stories to tell to friends and family members.



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